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hell week 2017 took place from july 9th to 16th, 2017.

here in provo, we are filthy with holiness. we cannot leave our homes without our bosoms overflowing with divine, omnipenetrating light. for the first 6,000 years after the formation of the earth we were content to embrace, tolerate, and ignore this paradise to which we were condemned. but we grew weary of heaven. we began to thirst after sin.

in the year of our lord two thousand and seventeen (2017), we formed the council of indefinitely fallen beings and determined a solution. one week out of each year would be consecrated for the committing of the vilest of all deeds: the creation of art.

hell week would be our relief from perpetual goodness, our brief liberation from the bonds of glory. the council established a set of laws entitled the absolute morality of hell governing hell week to produce an optimal wickedness-to-suffering ratio.

~ the absolute morality of hell ~

all bands, singer-songwriters, rappers, musicians, noise artists, etc. may, should, and must participate in hell week.

each participating body will record and mix one (1) song with stephen cope at studio studio dada.

each participating body will be allotted a total of three (3) consecutive hours. two (2) of these hours are consecrated for recording and the remaining hour is consecrated for mixing. because of this limited time frame, microphone setups will be preset and static. do not bring your own drum set. do not make special requests.

there is an expected participation sacrifice of at least fifty dollars ($50), due upon registration. this offering should be made via paypal or venmo. please caption the payment “hell week” and the name of your musical project. “h*ll w**k” is also acceptable. sacrifices of more than fifty dollars ($50) will go toward including musicians who could otherwise not participate.

participating bodies should also consider bringing an offering of seltzer water, tacos, and/or beer on their date.

registration each year begins on may 1st and continues until hell week. dates are first come, first serve. to save your date, you must leave a comment on this post with the name of your musical project and the date and times you would like to book. you must also make the participation sacrifice.

all songs each year will be mastered and released as a compilation album. compilation albums will be available for stream and purchase the day after hell week. proceeds from the compilation albums will go toward funding future hell weeks. all musicians will receive a mastered wav of their song that they should feel free to use as they please.

it is the council’s will that we all sink deep, so please, if you have any questions about hell week, leave a comment. they will answer as quickly and clearly as possible.

thank you all for participating. now, go. the jaws of hell week await you.


released July 17, 2017

artwork by john-ross boyce
recorded & mixed at studio studio dada by stephen cope with the musical artists.
all songs written by the artists except sabor y bossa, which is a medley of songs in the public domain.



all rights reserved


studio studio dada Provo, Utah

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